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One of the greatest secrets is,

That sitting by the Master's side

The disciple starts breathing

In the same way the master breathes.

There arises a synchronicity.

And in that synchronicity the two meet.

It happens to lovers too.

If you are in deep love with someone,

Sitting side by side,

Sitting together with your beloved, 

If you observe,

You will be surprised that suddenly,

For no reason at all,

Not cultivated by you,

You are breathing in the same way. 

When the beloved exhales, you exhale.

When the beloved inhales, you inhale

And suddenly you are connected,

Linked together. 


Don’t wait for a doctrine;

The master’s presence 

Is the only doctrine there is.

The real teaching is not a teaching at all,

It is a transfer – 

A transfer beyond words

And beyond scriptures.

And the transfer happens

Through the harmony of the breath.


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