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Oshos Groupleader Training

In modern life group therapy, teamwork and communal living play an essential role to enhance the quality of our life. To master its challenges and enjoy its advantages Creative Leadership° - a leadership from the heart – is needed.
Well-managed groups allow us to enjoy our work, nourish our emotional needs and grow spiritually. Oshos vision of a new man gives groups an important dimension in transforming our life and rising together in love and medtitation.
A perfect leader listens to his heart and trusts his intuition when using his mental skills. He knows the power of meditation to find inner strength and clarity. Even in the greatest storms of life he stays relaxed walking his path with the courage of a lion.
Osho’s teachings to his group leaders and project managers have given us invaluable insights into transformative leadership – from therapy to the world of management. Here you will learn its key elements to transform yourself and the people you work with.
Osho calls Encounter therapy and Vipassana meditation a perfect meeting of western and eastern growth methods. Participants of the training will get important insight into these two methods, which strongly influence meditative therapies and teamwork.
The training is a process of experiencing yourself as a group leader and getting extensive feed back from the group and supervision from the trainer. It teaches concepts and easy to use skills to work with people in therapy groups and working teams.
Topics are:
-Guidelines for the art of creative leadership
-Group dynamics and group intelligence
-The 7 steps for activity groups
-Three kinds of leaders – three styles of groups
-Competition and cooperation (male - female aspects of teamwork)
-Collective unconscious and archetypical group types
-The pyramid of needs in group- and teamwork
-Conflict management
-Encounter therapy
-Meditation and inner transformation in groups
-Meditations for the “Leadership from the heart”
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