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Oshos Mystic Rose

This extraordinary process challenges all traditional ideas of therapy and meditation and guides you from one week laughing to one week crying and one week of silence and celebration. It merges modern insights of western science with the power of eastern meditation. It’s Osho’s vision of Zorba the Buddha – the New Man!

Laughter releases emotional tension, dissolves depression and has a profound healing effect on the muscular, circulatory, immune, nervous and hormonal system. In laughing you simply forget your mind – you forget thinking – and find inner balance.

Crying reaches even deeper! It is the most natural way to heal pain. Here you can cry all the tears you have repressed in many lifetimes. Your heart can open and rejoice again – rejoicing in being a loving, healthy and sensitive being.

When watching yourself – your breath, body sensations, feelings or thoughts – you move into the secret world of meditation. You experience an inner silence, which you might have never touched before. Deeply refreshed and rejuvenated in body, mind, heart and spirit there is only one way left to go – to celebrate life.

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