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Oshos Diamond Breath

Our breath is the most beautiful diamond in our life. It shines its light on our body, mind, heart and spirit to keep us healthy, loving and joyful. From whatever side we look into our life, we will find thousands of facets of the Diamond of Breath sending Waves of Light into our existence. In India the breath is also called The Golden Wind.

Working with Diamond Breath is the most beautiful work one can do. You work with Body therapy, relaxation, emotional release, massage, conscious breathing and heart meditations to experience inner peace in its totality. The moment stress is released in your body you feel a deep sense of relaxation and inner harmony.

Cranio Sacral Resonance work allows you to deepen your relaxation and to open for a deep harmonic space in your nervous system. You find a deep balance in your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. You deeply connect with yourself and open for an unknown space of silent meditation.

You will work with:

  • Conscious breathing
  • The Golden Wind
  • Trance Energetic Breathing
  • Breath and Emotional Healing
  • Trauma Release by Cranio Sacral Resonance work
  • Heart meditations
  • Journey from the Heart to the Hara
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