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Diamond Love

Love is our deepest longing. If we have never experienced love we live a meaningless life. By planting the seeds of love we will be able to experience the beauty of love.

In the group process of DIAMOND LOVE you explore the four secrets of love. You explore what it means to Live Here and Now and to move beyond the mind. – You discover the beauty of Sharing the Positive – to share whatever loving feelings come to you. - You explore the dimension of Transforming Poison into Honey by working with the power of catharsis. – You transform yourself by the power of meditation and Be Nothing.

This process is followed by Cranio sacral resonance work. This work deeply influences your nervous system. It creates a moment inside of you were there is absolute stillness and balances your whole nervous system. Being stressed your nervous system is overcharged and you cannot find inner peace any more. Here you begin to relax and open into a deep space of lovingness and peacefulness.

Love is the greatest relaxation there is and this beautiful work will help you to find it.

You work with:

  • Conscious Breathing
  • The four secrets of love
  • Heart Meditations
  • Trance Energetic Breathing
  • Breath and Emotional Healing
  • Cranio Sacral Resonance work
  • Journey from the Heart to the Hara
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