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Ocean of Love

Aquaprana Healing is a soft meditative therapy in warm water to release deepest unconscious tensions and to relax body, mind, heart and spirit. It is an opening for a new dimension of love, trust and intimacy.

Warm thermal water is a beautiful environment to overcome fearful physical, mental or emotional tensions from as early as prenatal life. In the arms of a partner we gently get moved and almost weightlessly float into a space of letting go and deep relaxation.

Aquaprana Healing combines soft breath therapy, gentle bodywork and elements of primal therapy. You balance your nervous system by Cranio sacral resonance work and get a magic experience of inner peace and harmony. You reconnect to your forgotten potential for inner healing and to your origin in the ocean of life.

Dolphin – The Keeper of the Sacred Breath

Dolphin is a symbol for transforming life into the play of ecstasy! With great energy dolphin moves joyfully in the oceans of mother earth. In shamanism he is called “The Keeper of the Sacred Breath”. He holds the breath until he comes to the surface of the ocean and then blows out the breath in ecstasy. Tao talks about living naturally by following the “Watercourse Way”. Water gives you an experience of following the flow of life.

Prenatal Healing

Your time in the womb decides the quality of your life. The way you experience life inside your mothers womb decides how you come out in life! Consciously reliving your prenatal life liberates you from life negative imprints and reconnects you to trust and intimacy.

Primal Water Birth

Primal Water Birth is a gentle therapeutic process to heal the birth trauma. You are born to love and to be free! The first breath decides the quality of your life. Here you get an experience of a positive birth experience, which can transform your whole life.

You are reborn in the Ocean of Love

You work with:

  • Aquaprana Healing exercises
  • Soft Breathing Sessions
  • The Dolphin Meditation
  • Primal Healing exercises
  • Healing Prenatal Trauma
  • Cranio sacral resonance work
  • Reconnecting to the Ocean of Love
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