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  • Breathing into Life Meditation

    This playful meditation connects you to the spirit of a child. You play locomotive, wild dog, sensual cat, singing child, laughter and tears. Finally you relax into deep breathing and rest into your innermost being.
  • Breathing in Love Meditation

    Here you explore loving yourself and seeing your own beauty. From this space you can see the beauty of the other and enjoy dancing together. Sitting down you keep your hands on your heart and open your heart with each breath. Then you lye down and relax into your innermost being.
  • Lion's heart Meditation

    Here you move into the expressions of a lion, dance like a lion and finally connect to your heart by bringing your hands to the middle of your chest. You centre yourself in your Hara before lying down and relaxing.
  • Ocean Love Meditation

    You listen to beautiful music imagining that you sit at a beautiful beach. You become like see weed moved by the tides of the ocean. You relax into the rhythm of the breath coming in and going out. Then you lye down and relax into inner silence.
  • Dragon Breath Meditation
    You move like a dragon bringing the energy down from father sky to mother earth.
    In the second stage you express your fire energy like a dragon. In the third stage you fly to the open skies. Then you sit down relaxing into your breathing and finally lying down and resting.
  • Love and Harmony
    In Love and Harmony 1 you balance first your brain hemispheres by the movement of your hands and fingers. Then you share your energy with the other by opening your arms like swans.
    In Love and Harmony 2 you harmonize the energies with your partner in three different stages of crossed over hands. First sitting with open eyes and then with closed eyes. Finally standing up without letting go of your hands and with closed eyes.