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The Power of Breath (Englisch) Taschenbuch

In the principal spiritual traditions such as Yoga, Tantra, Tao or Zen conscious breathing is the key for wellbeing and spiritual fulfilment – the key to enjoy life. Sadly in our Western stress dominated world we have lost our breath and our selves – we have lost our potential to be healthy, loving and joyful beings. This book is the result of Devapath having been a physician and a spiritual therapist for over thirty years.
Devapath has a unique way to open our eyes so that we can experience the immensely rich world of breathing. He shows us how it influences all areas of our life and how it can help us to improve the quality of our love and life affairs.
In ten chapters he guides us along an exciting journey, where we learn how deep breathing helps us to make friends with our body, to release stress and to keep us young. We learn how it improves our sex life and heals our relationships. We become aware how it can relax our mind, balance our emotions and help us to open our heart to discover our inner beauty.
A fresh breeze
A new quality of life
A new education
A new beginning
A new ecology
A new womb
Chapter 1 – Breathing with awareness
The breath gives life
Coming home to the body - our temple
Refreshing our life energies by right breathing
Breathing on the spiritual path
The breath awareness meditation
Chapter 2 – Breathing beyond stress
Releasing stress with a good breath
Overcoming lethal stress
Why do we feel so easily stressed?
The addiction to stress
Moving beyond stress
The dynamic tension release meditation
Chapter 3 – Breathing for inner healing
Sailing in the winds of life
The soul of healthy breathing
Health and rejuvenation through inner massage
Being in touch with life
The diaphragm meditation
Chapter 4 – Breathing with pleasure
Giving a fresh breath to our relationships
Sex or suicide
Reconnecting to our life energy
The pelvis breathing meditation
Chapter 5 – Breathing in Tantra
The joy of Tantric Breathing
Tantric healing and the river of love
Tantra – the rediscovery of spontaneity
Overcoming schizophrenia
The flame of life meditation
Chapter 6 – Breathing and relaxing the mind
The mind is the problem
Asking the heart for support
From a dead serious relationship…
To a joyful relationship
The power of breathing to relax the mind
The gibberish meditation
Chapter 7 – Breathing to master emotions
Overwhelming emotions
The hidden rulers of our life
Trapped in emotional repression
Inner liberation by emotional release
Transforming emotions
The mastering emotions meditation
Chapter 8 – Breathing into your beauty
Breathing like a child
The healing power of loving yourself
The Buddha belly
The good, the bad and the beautiful
A meditation for belly, heart and beauty
Chapter 9 – Breathing with the ocean of life
The boy and the mysterious ocean
Treasures of the ocean
Whirling waters – dancing spirits
Aquaprana Ocean Healing
Waves of energy – waves of trust
The ocean wave meditation
Chapter 10 – Breathing in love and meditation
The journey from fear to love
Love prevents madness
Love heals the fear of orgasm
Love transforms death
Love needs no middleman – love needs you
The magic of love meditation
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