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Devapath has been a physician and a therapist for 35 years. Today he is the director of the International Breath Energy School.

Devapath has realised that the underlying cause of many diseases is unresolved psychological conflict, chronic stress blocking the human energy flow and an unfulfilled spiritual longing. This inspired him to focus his work on preventative healing methods and spiritual therapy. 

He was the co-founder of various growth centres in Germany and the director of the Centre for Transformation (CFT) in the Multiversity in Pune, India, a position he held for several years. Here he created and coordinated the 4 month long Therapist Training “Light on the Path” for several years.

Being a doctor he realized that everything in our life depends on the breath: body, mind, heart and spirit. That inspired him to develop the meditation-oriented therapy called Diamond Breath®.  He also developed other therapies. Aquaprana Healing is a therapy for tantric healing in warm water. Tantra and Zen is a therapy to heal relationships by moving together into love and meditation. 


Devapath’s work allows you to prevent disease and to enjoy a sense of Great Being. 



Nalini Lan

Nalini Lan

Nalini was born in Taiwan in 1976. She is the mother of a beautiful boy of 18 years. 

She is a Dancing and Yoga teacher with many years of experience. Teaching Yoga she felt that something was missing by exercising Yoga and she started her inner journey in the years to come.

 She has accomplished the Oshos Diamond Breath Master Training and works as a co-leader with devapath. She also works with Cranio Sacral Resonance work. This training she has accomplished in the Osho Garden Center in Taiwan. She works with Aquaprana Healing as a Therapist and Meditation guide. 

She was educated in the Mystic Rose Meditative Therapy and was asked by Leela, if she likes to lead the Mystic Rose Meditative Therapy together with Devapath.

In her work she combines the power of Oshos Diamond Breath Therapy with the sensitive approach of Cranio Sacral Resonance work to initiate a process of deep inner healing and relaxation. This work has an immense influence on our nervous system and brings it to an inner space of silence.

The insights she got in the Mystic Rose Training opened her for a deep understanding of the human being and its suffering. It allows her to see the deepest dimension of life - the longing for love, freedom and meditation.

Breath Therapy and The Work of Craniosacral Resonance

Oshos Diamond Breath works in the frame of the   Psychology of the Buddhas. In other words it uses the power of love and meditation to realize what ultimately could lead to deep relaxation.

The program is supported by Dynamic Meditation. This is a cathartic meditation: first part is breathing totally and chaotically. The second part is about loosing the fear of madness by allowing yourself to freak out and release all your tensions. The third part is jumping and putting the arms into the air. The forth stage is freezing and bringing your energy inside. The last part is about celebrating your life.

Kundalini Meditation is shaking all your tensions out for 15 minutes. Then you move into a state of dancing and celebrating for 15 minutes. In the third stage you sit down and listen to beautiful music. In the last stage you rest and relax.

In our work we use the power of breath in many ways. We work on the body with Bio-energetic exercises to unlock the potential for a great flow of energy along the meridian lines of the body. From Chinese acupuncture we know that these lines move along the whole body structure and influence the whole human energy flow.

We work with Trance Energetic Breathing to open the energetic body from the top to the bottom, from the head to the feet to allow a cathartic releases and to empty the body from emotional tensions. It initiates a trance like state for emotional release and deep relaxation.

Than we work with a variety of Dynamic Tension Releases to open the breathing from the chest to the sex. When our sexual energy has opened we are ready to move back to the heart and open our hearts for love and meditation. One of our exercises is called “Open Heart Operation” because it is a beautiful process to open our hearts.

Also we work with many meditations: Breathing into Life is one of our favorite meditations. The Dragon Breath Meditation is a strong one to connect mother earth and father sky. The Love and Harmony Meditation allows you to relax to together into your relationship. The Ocean Love Meditation gives you a feeling like sitting on the beach and listening to the waves and the oceans. The Lions Heart Meditation gives you the feeling to connect with your lion’s power and open your heart. The Breathing in Love Meditation opens your heart by reconnecting to yourself and than connecting with your partner.  

All of this we connect with Craniosacral Resonance and lets see what our friend Veet Chintan says about it.

“The intention of craniosacral resonance is to listen to this inner intelligence and support the forces of health within the human body through a gentle, attuned and specific positioning of the hands. Therefore the therapeutic pathway is not about doing something from the outside based upon the practitioner’s analyse but about being, listening and supporting the action of the breath of life in its different expressions which enable the body to access its own repairing and regenerative resources. The practitioner facilitates in this way a restoration of integration and balance from within.”

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